Lake Tahoe Vacation Rental Services

Choosing the correct VHR service to book your stay in Lake Tahoe is the first step in planning your trip. While we only listed a few popular vacation rental services, you can find several rental companies both in the area and out of the area. The best choice is work with a company that knows the Tahoe area and has local staff around to help you if need be. For example, Vacasa is based out of South Lake Tahoe, but they provide a local team of housekeepers, maintenance staff and managers that know the Lake Tahoe area and they are ready to assist you when you need it, 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. Vs. Booking straight on places like AirBnB, who does not have local staff around to assist. Of course, there is nothing wrong with using places like AirBnB if you like those types of services.

Choosing The Right Home

Does the home look like the pictures? Is the home located in a noisy or safe neighborhood? These are a great questions, in fact they are asked thousands of times. It’s safe to say that most VHR rental services in Lake Tahoe do a pretty good job vetting the homes in their inventory. Many provide professional photographers to take pictures inside and outside of the home. Some even offer virtual tours of the homes on their websites. We highly recommend viewing all of the homes photos as well as take the time and view any virtual tour in that homes listing, this will give you a great idea on the condition of the home.

Uh Oh Measure T & Code Enforcement!

We are all pretty sure you’ve followed the news about what cities and counties are doing with Vacation Rentals in Lake Tahoe. Does it effect you and your vacation? Not really. All management services are well versed in the city or county ordinances when it comes to VHRs. As long as you follow the rules and regulations, you will not have a issue. For example, in the city of South Lake Tahoe, you do not want to be in a hot tub after 10PM. The violation is just not worth it and it will ruin your vacation. Trust us, we have seen several thousand dollar fines dished out.

Your Lake Tahoe Rental Services Choices.


Vacasa Lake Tahoe

Vacasa offers several short-term vacation rentals on the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe, South Lake Tahoe and the Westshore of Lake Tahoe. Vacasa is a worldwide company that also owns Wyndam vacation rentals. You will find many high-quality homes at different price points in the Vacasa inventory.

  • Address 1022 Emerald Bay Rd. South Lake Tahoe

  • Phone 1.503.345.9399


Buckingham Luxury Vacation Rentals

Buckingham Luxury Vacation Rentals offers a unique variety of South Lake Tahoe vacation rentals, ranging from deluxe cabins to elegant homes and condos. Feel free to check their inventory of Vacation Rentals to plan your South Lake Tahoe vacation.

  • Address 4000 Lake Tahoe Blvd. South Tahoe

  • Phone 1.530.542.1114


TurnKey Vacation Rentals

TurnKey Vacation Rentals offers vacation rentals in both the South and North shores of Lake Tahoe. Their inventory of homes ranges from small cozy cabins to homes on the water. Those choosing TurnKey Vacation Rentals will find places at various price points.

  • Address Online Company

  • Phone 1.888.512.0498


RnR Vacation Rentals

RnR Vacation Rentals is located in South Lake Tahoe and offers a variety of vacation rentals on the South Shore. You will find their home inventory located around the Tahoe Keys, Close to Heavenly Ski Resort and other locations around the city of South Tahoe. Rental prices varies by season with some good deals.

  • Address 2494 Lake Tahoe Blvd. South Lake Tahoe

  • Phone 1.530.208.5001