New program added on – Claim your business listing.

What is claim your business listing and how does it work. The claim listing is really simple. Registered business owners can click on claim listing and take charge of their listing on Everything Tahoe. The neat part is, if you’re business is already listed, it’s a good chance most of your information is already on your listing.

Customize your own listing. Since you’re claiming your listing, you will have to option to maintain and customize your listing with;

Custom Photos (slide show).

Updating or editing your business hours.

Linking to all of your social media outlets.

Adding video to your listing

Engaging with our users via your listing with our contact listing owner form.

Updating or adding to your business content and much much more.



Don’t worry, the average person can not just come on our website and claim your business listing. We require a little information from you when claiming a listing. The information is simple; name, address, phone, etc.

Once you fill out that information we call you to make sure that the person claiming is in fact the business owner.

We hope you enjoy the new feature. We have more features being released in the coming days. All of the new features are designed to help business owners in Lake Tahoe get the word out about their businesses.