Exquisite Grill Catering Services

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Exquisite Grill Catering Services

Exquisite Grill Catering Services

Exquisite Grill Catering Services offers year-round catering services for weddings, events, corporate events, private parties, receptions and more! New for Exquisite Grill Catering Services this year is their drop off services, which is excellent for locals and vacation renters alike!

The company is ran by head chef Dave Mullen who began his culinary experience more than 30 years ago in Northern New Jersey. He offers an array of food catering options. Exquisite Grill believes in keep hot fresh food coming off the grill throughout your entire event!

Locals Tips: The company is ranked for the areas best prices when it comes to catering or drop-off services. During the winter months, be sure to check out their specials! 


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Listing FAQs

Do you offer drop off service? +

Yes! Exquisite Grill Catering Co. is proud to offer drop off service for your event, party, corporate and more! Just give us a call to learn more about our drop off service

Do you offer boxed lunches? +

Yes! Our boxed lunches are great for any group. Order your boxed lunches for events, a group hiking trip and more.

Are you open year round? +

Exquisite Grill Catering Co. is open year round! In fact, we offer a lot of specials during the winter months so be sure to check those out.

Can I schedule a tasting? +

You sure can! Please call us and we will be happy to arrange a tasting for you.

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